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In an attempt to grasp the big picture of this continuum, all history timelines are indexed

alphabetically by people, and

alphabetically by events.

And here is a bit of Virgil's wisdom for you:

But in the meanwhile
time flies,
flies irretrievably.

(Georgics 3.284-7)



Timelines: People A-Z

Timelines: Events or States A-Z


Abraham Lincoln Timeline

Adolf Hitler Timeline

Albert Einstein Timeline

Alexander the Great Timeline

Benjamin Franklin Timeline

Catherine the Great Timeline

Charlemagne Timeline

Charles I Timeline

Charles Darwin Timeline

Cleopatra VII Timeline

Constantine the Great Timeline

David Hume Timeline

Elizabeth I Timeline

Ernest Hemingway Timeline

Frederick the Great Timeline

Friedrich Engels Timeline

Gaius Julius Caesar Timeline

Genghis Khan Timeline

George Washington Timeline

Henry VIII Timeline

Honore de Balzac Timeline

Ivan the Terrible Timeline

Jacques Cartier Timeline

Jesus Christ Timeline

Joseph Stalin Timeline

Karl Marx Timeline

Klemens von Metternich Timeline

Louis XIV Timeline

Louis Pasteur Timeline

Mahatma Gandhi Timeline

Martin Luther Timeline

Martin Luther King Jr Timeline

Montesquieu Timeline

Napoleon Bonaparte Timeline

Nicolaus Copernicus Timeline

Oliver Cromwell Timeline

Otto von Bismarck Timeline

Peter the Great Timeline

Robert the Bruce Timeline

Sigmund Freud Timeline

Theodore Roosevelt Timeline

Thomas Jefferson Timeline

Victor Hugo Timeline

Queen Victoria Timeline

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Timeline

Voltaire Timeline

Winston Churchill Timeline


American Civil War Timeline

Timelines for the American Revolution 1775-1783:

American Revolution Timeline

American Revolution Timeline (USMA)

Crimean War Timeline

Crusades Timeline

Evolution Timeline: Richard Dawkins' DIY Timeline

Timelines for the French Revolution 1789-1799:

The French Revolution in the Stream of Time

French Revolution - Key Events

French Revolution Timeline: 1789

French Revolution Timeline: 1790

French Revolution Timeline: 1791

French Revolution timelines for the years 1792-1799 are included in the French Revolutionary Wars timelines.

Timelines for the French Revolutionary Wars 1792-1802:

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - Key Events

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1792

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1793

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1794

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1795

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1796

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1797

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1798

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1799

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1800

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1801

French Revolutionary Wars Timeline - 1802

Hundred Years' War Timeline

Geologic time scale: 650 million years ago to the present

Great Northern War Timeline

Timelines for the Korean War 1950-1953:

Korean War Timeline (EK)

Korean War Timeline (USMA)

Korean War Timeline - 1950

Korean War Timeline - 1951

Korean War Timeline - 1952

Korean War Timeline - 1953

Timelines for the Mexican Revolution 1910-1920:

All Mexican Revolution Timelines

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1910  

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1911  

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1912  

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1913  

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1914  

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1915

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1916  

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1917  

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1918  

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1919  

Mexican Revolution Timeline 1920

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1803

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1804

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1805

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1806

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1807

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1808

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1809

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1810

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1811

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1812

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1813

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1814

Napoleonic Wars Timeline 1815

Pearl Harbor Attack Timeline 1941

Pontiac's Rebellion 1763-1766

Timelines for Roman Britain AD 43-410:

Roman Britain: Conquest, Occupation, Settlement

Roman Britain Timeline

Timelines for the Russian Civil War 1917-1920:

Russian Civil War Timeline 1917

Russian Civil War Timeline 1918

Russian Civil War Timeline 1919

Russian Civil War Timeline 1920

Russian Revolution of 1905 Timeline

Timelines for the Russian Revolution of 1917:

Russian Revolution Timeline

Russian Revolution of 1917 Timeline

Seven Years' War Timeline

Spanish-American War Timeline

Thirty Years' War Timeline

Turkey - History of Modern Turkey Timeline

Vietnam War Timeline

Timelines for the War of 1812:

War of 1812: Year 1812

War of 1812: Year 1813

War of 1812: Year 1814

War of 1812: Year 1815

War of the Roses Timeline

Watergate Timeline

West Florida Revolt Timeline

Timelines for World War One 1914-1918:

All World War One Timelines

World War I - 1914

World War I - 1915

World War I - 1916

World War I - 1917

World War I - 1918

World War I in the Stream of Time

Who Witnessed WWI?

Timelines for World War Two 1939-1945:

All World War Two Timelines

World War Two - 1939

World War Two - 1940

World War Two - 1941

World War Two - 1942

World War Two - 1943

World War Two - 1944

World War Two - 1945

World War II in the Stream of Time

Who Witnessed WWII?

Pearl Harbor Attack Timeline 1941

WWII - Europe (USMA)

WWII - Asia / Pacific (USMA)


Don't know where to start?

The American Timeline might be for you.

American Timeline 1492-Today



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Frequently Viewed Timelines
Timeline of the Mexican Revolution
Mexican Revolution Timeline

World War I Timeline
World War I Timeline

Russian Revolution Timeline
Russian Revolution Timeline

World War II Timeline
World War II Timeline





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Find pictures and photos of historic people and events.

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Attila the Hun

Attila King of the Huns

The greatest of all Barbarian rulers, Attila kicked rear on a large scale.

Attila short biography

Map of Attila's empire

Battle of the Catalaunian Plains

Who were the Huns?


Greco-Persian Wars

Also called the Persian Wars, the Greco-Persian Wars were fought for almost half a century from 492 BC - 449 BC. Greece won against enormous odds. Here is more:

Battle of Marathon
Battle of Thermopylae
Battle of Salamis
Battle of Plataea




Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution

Check out the
Timelines of the Mexican Revolution

Mexico's transition from dictatorship to constitutional republic translated into ten messy years of skirmishing in Mexican history.

More from the Mexican Revolution:

Pancho Villa

Emiliano Zapata

Francisco I. Madero

Causes of the Mexican Revolution

Women in the Mexican Revolution

Summary of the Mexican Revolution


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The Ancient Greeks in a Nutshell


All Things Nixon



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French Revolution - Its Causes, Its Victims, Its Effects


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