French Revolutionary Wars Timeline: 1798

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January 12, 1798
As a deputy of the
Conseil de Cinq Cent, or Council of Five Hundred, Jean Baptiste Jourdan proposes a law for compulsory military service. It will be trimmed a bit and then adopted on September 5, 1798, as the  Jourdan-Delbrel Law.


January 27, 1798
The French invade Switzerland.


February 10, 1798
The French enter Rome.


February 15, 1798
Abolition of the Papal government. In its stead, the French declare the
Roman Republic. French troops had entered the city on February 10, 1798. They will stay in Rome until 1799, with a short break from November 29 to December 15, 1798.


March 1, 1798
The Congress of Rastadt acknowledges the Rhine River as the boundary of the French Republic.


March 5, 1798
Directory gives Bonaparte permission to carry out his Egyptian expedition.

The French take Bern (Berne) in Switzerland.


March 8, 1798
Creation of the
Army of Helvetia (Armée d'Helvétie). Commander: Guillaume Marie-Anne Brune.


March 14, 1798
Schawenbourg is the new commander of the
Army of Helvetia. His post is temporary.


March 27, 1798
The French arrest
Pope Pius VI and take him to France. He won't return.


March 29, 1798
Helvetic Republic is established.


May 9, 1798
Bonaparte arrives at Toulon to take command of his Egyptian expedition.


May 10, 1798
Bonaparte preps his troops for Egypt. Here you can read what he said.


May 11, 1798
Coup d'état of 22 Floréal, year VI. The Directory invalidates half of all elections by declaring elections in 29 departments null and void, to eliminate the Jacobins.


May 19, 1798
Bonaparte's Egyptian expedition sets sail and leaves Toulon. The  Egyptian Campaign has begun.

Meanwhile on May 19, 1798, at Vienna: Austria and Naples sign a treaty of alliance.


May 23, 1798
The Irish Rebellion breaks out. It will end on September 8, 1798.


June 10, 1798
On his way to Egypt,
Bonaparte makes a pit stop and takes Malta, home of the Hospitallers, aka the Knights of Malta. This will outrage Russia's Paul I, and will serve him as one of the reasons to join the  Second Coalition against France.


June 21, 1798
U.S. President Adams is disgusted by the XYZ Affair and states that he will "never send another minister to France without assurances that he will be received, respected, and honored as the representative of a great, free, powerful, and independent nation."


July 1, 1798
The French land in Egypt and take Alexandria.


July 7, 1798
Provoked by the
XYZ Affair, the United States repeal their 1778 Treaty of Alliance with France. Diplomatic relations will be patched up on September 30, 1800.

In the meantime, the two nations will fight an undeclared war at sea, also called the Quasi-War.


July 19, 1798
The French decree to implement their republican calendar in the four conquered départements of the Rhineland.

These lands will switch back to the Gregorian Calendar on January 1, 1806.


July 21, 1798
Battle of the Pyramids. French victory. This battle is part of Napoleon's  Egyptian Campaign.


August 1, 1798
Battle of the Nile. The British, led by Admiral Horatio Nelson, book a victory over the French at Aboukir Bay (Abu Qir Bay). This battle is part of the
 Egyptian Campaign. Unofficially, by losing this battle, the French have lost their Egyptian Campaign.


August 22, 1798
Napoleon manages to get his hide out of Egypt.


September 5, 1798
Jourdan-Delbrel Law makes military conscription permanently mandatory for all French men between 20 and 25 years of age.


September 8, 1798
The Irish Rebellion ends. It had begun on May 23, 1798.


September 11, 1798
The Ottoman Empire, headed by Sultan Selim III, declares war on France. Subsequently, Russia and the Ottoman Empire expel French garrisons from the Ionian islands.


November 1798
The British take Menorca (Minorca) from Spain, after Spain had dropped out of the First Coalition in August 1796. The island of Menorca will be returned to Spain in 1802.


November 1, 1798
 Jourdan is the new commander of the Army of Mayence (Mainz).


November 5, 1798
Army of Helvetia is transferred under the supreme command of  Jourdan, currently commander of the Army of Mayence (Mainz).


The War of the Second Coalition begins.

November 29, 1798
Treaty of alliance between Russia and the Two Sicilies signed at Saint Petersburg.

Also on November 29, 1798:
The army of Naples, led by Karl Mack, invades Rome where the French had installed their Roman Republic.

This marks the beginning of the War of the Second Coalition.


December 1, 1798
Britain and the the Two Sicilies sign a treaty of alliance at Naples.


December 4, 1798
Battle of Civita Castellana between the French, led by General Jacques Macdonald, and the Neapolitans. France wins this battle.


December 14, 1798
Capture of the British frigate HMS Ambuscade by the French corvette La Bayonnaise.


December 15, 1798
The French return to Rome. The Neapolitans get out in a hurry and the French give chase.


December 25, 1798
Russia and the Ottoman Empire sign a treaty of alliance at Constantinople.


December 27, 1798
Russia and Portugal sign a treaty of alliance.


December 29, 1798
Russia and Britain sign a treaty of alliance at Saint Petersburg, in order

"to oppose the successes of the French arms, and the extension of the principles of anarchy, and to bring about a solid peace, together with the re-establishment of the balance of Europe, have judged it worthy their most serious consideration and earnest solicitude to endeavor, if possible, to reduce France within its former limits, as they subsisted before the revolution."




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