Maps Chronological: 1201-1500

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1201-1300 (13th Century)



Mediaeval Commerce (Asia). Inset: India.

13th Century Asia Commerce



Medieval Europe in the 13th Century

13th Century Medieval Europe



The Mediterranean Lands after 1204.

1204 Mediterranean Lands



The Wettin Lands, 1221-1485. Inset: Temporary break-up of the Wettin Lands about 1300.

1221-1485 Wettin Lands



Map of the Russian principalities at the time of the Tatar invasion 1240.

1240 Russia - Tartar Invasion



Typical German States Before and since the French Revolution: I. Baden. Insets: The County of Sponheim. Lordship of Gravenstein. Baden since 1801. II. Wurtemberg. Insets: County of Horburg and Lordship of Reichenweier. Principality-County of Montbeliard. Wurtemberg since 1495.

1241-1819 Baden and Wurtemberg



The Byzantine Empire 1265-1355

1265-1355 Byzantine Empire



Marco Polo Travels Between 1271 and 1295

1271-1295 Marco Polo Travels



The Swiss Confederation 1291-1513

1291-1513 Swiss Confederation



Swiss Confederation MAP

1291 Swiss Confederation



The British Isles 1300

1300 British Isles



Europe's Universities before 1618

1300 - 1618 Europe's Universities



Florence 1300-1494

1300-1494 Florence



Map of London about 1300

1300 London



The Mongol Dominions 1300-1405

1300-1405 Mongol Dominions



The Growth of Russia in Europe, 1300-1796

1300-1796 Russia in Europe



Historical Map of Asia around 1300. The Yellow Empire at its largest extension. Map location of Karakorum (Wade-Giles, Kala-kun-lun, Khara-khorin, Har Horin) - Capital of the Khans (Mongol Empire).

1300 The Yellow Empire, Karakorum





1301-1400 (14th Century)



Plan of a Mediaeval Manor

14th Century English Manor



Europe 14th Century

14th Century Europe



Map of the Catalan Company

1303 Catalan Company



Map of France 1314

1314 France



Decline of the March of Brandenburg under the Houses of Wittelsbach and Luxemburg, 1320-1415.

1320-1415 Brandenburg



English Campaigns in France in the Reign of Edward III, 1327 - 1377.

1327 - 1377 France



France 1328

1328 France



Milan 1339-1402

1339-1402 Milan



World Map 1340 - 1600

1340 - 1600 World Map



Map of Edward's Route to Crecy - France 1346

1346 The Hundred Years War: Edward's Route to Crecy



Map of the Battle of Crecy 1346

1346 Battle of Crecy



The Byzantine Empire in 1355.

1355 Byzantine Empire



Serbia 1196-1998

1355 Serbia (1196-1998)



Battle of Poitiers: Positioning - MAP

1356 Battle of Poitiers: Positioning



Map of the Battle of Poitiers 1356

1356 Battle of Poitiers



Europe in 1360

1360 Europe



France After the Treaty of Bretigni, 1360

1360 France (Colbeck)



Map of France 1360

1360 France (USMA)



France at the Death of Edward III, 1377

1377 France



Central Europe in 1378. Inset: Dominions of Ottocar of Bohemia.

1378 Central Europe



Dominions of Ottocar of Bohemia in 1378

1378 Dominions of Ottocar of Bohemia



The Great Schism 1378-1417

1378-1417 Europe Great Schism



Decline of German Power in the Baltic Region, 1380-1560

1386-1560 Baltic Regions



Extent of the English Conquests in France, 1382 - 1453

1382 - 1453 France





1401-1500 (15th Century)



Europe 15th Century

15th Century Europe



Five World Maps: Slave Trade in History 1400-1900

15th - 18th Century Five World Maps: Slave Trade



World Map 1400-1900 Slave Trade: Raiding Zones, Deportees

15th - 18th Century Slave Trade: Raiding Zones, Deportees



1400-1600 World Map Slave Trade

15th and 16th Century World Map Slave Trade



Henry V's First Campaign in France, 1415

1415 English Channel



Savoy 1418-1748

1418-1748 Savoy



Map of France 1422

1422 France



Burgundian Lands 1435 and 1493

1435 and 1493 Burgundian Lands



The Ottoman Empire, 1451-1481. Constantinople.

1451-1481 Constantinople



Map of the Ottoman Conquest

1451 - 1566 Ottoman Conquest



Map of France 1453

1453 France



England during the Wars of the Roses, 1455 - 1485

1455 - 1485 England



England and France 1455-1494

1455-1494 England and France



Map of France 1461

1461 France



France at the accession of Louis XI, 1461.

1461 France



Central Europe about 1477

1477 Central Europe



Iberia 1479

1479 Iberia



Ottoman Empire 1481-1683

1481-1683 Ottoman Empire



France 1483 - 1498

1483 - 1498 France



England and Wales, 1485

1485 England and Wales



Wettin Lands 1485-1554

1485-1554 Wettin Lands



Map of Europe 1490

1490 Europe



Map of Italy 1490

1490 Italy (USMA)



Italy in 1490. Inset: Valley of the Po.

1490 Italy (Cambridge)



Po Valley 1490

1490 Po Valley



The West Indies and Central America, 1492-1525. Inset: Watling's Island.

1492-1525 Central America



Italy about 1494. Insets: The Milanese under the Visconti, 1339-1402. The Republic of Florence, 1300-1494.

1494 Italy (Shepherd)



Map of Italy 1494

1494 Italy (USMA)



The Portuguese Colonial Dominions in India and the Malay Archipelago, 1498-1850

1498-1850 India and the Malay Archipelago



1500-1815 Map: Traffic of European Slave Ports

1500-1815 Traffic of European Slave Ports



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