Speeches Given by Women - A-Z

This speech collection is organized in alphabetical order by last name of the lady speaker, then by year of delivery.


Abzug, Bella

Bella Abzug - Speech

Women Will Not Stop
September 12, 1995, delivered at Beijing, China


Addams, Jane

Jane Addams - Speech

The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements
1892, delivered at Plymouth, Massachusetts


Anthony, Susan B.

Susan B. Anthony - Speech

On Women's Right to Vote
1873, delivered in the state of New York


Bhutto, Benazir

Benazir Bhutto - Speech

Equality and Partnership
September 4, 1995, delivered at Beijing, China


Bush, Barbara

Wellesley Commencement Address
June 1, 1990, delivered at Wellesley, MA


Catt, Carrie Chapman

Carrie Chapman Catt - Speech

The Crisis
September 7, 1916, delivered at Atlantic City, New Jersey

Onward and Upward
(Open Address to Congress)
December 12-15, 1917, delivered at Washington D.C.


Chisholm, Shirley

Shirley Chisholm - Speech

Equal Rights for Women
May 21, 1969, delivered at Washington D.C.


Clinton, Hillary Rodham

Hillary Rodham Clinton - Speech

Wellesley Student Commencement Speech
May 31, 1969, delivered at Wellesley, MA

Women's Rights Are Human Rights
September 5, 1995, delivered at Beijing, China


Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I - Spanish Armada Speech

Spanish Armada Speech
1588, delivered at Tilbury, Essex, England

Golden Speech
1601, delivered at London, England


Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II - Speech

Coronation Speech
June 2, 1953, delivered at London, England

Address to the U.N. General Assembly
October 21, 1957, delivered at New York, N.Y.

Address to the U.N. General Assembly
July 6, 2010, delivered at New York, N.Y.


Fisher, Mary

Mary Fisher - A Whisper of AIDS, 1992

A Whisper of AIDS
August 19, 1992, delivered at Houston, Texas


Friedan, Betty

Betty Friedan - Speech

Carswell Testimony
January 27, 1970, given at Washington D.C.


Gage, Frances D.

Frances D. Gage - Speech

Address to the American Equal Rights Association
May 9-10, 1867, delivered at New York, N.Y.


Gage, Matilda Joslyn

Matilda Joslyn Gage - Speech

On the Progress of Education and Industrial Avocations for Women
Delivered in 1871

Dangers of the Hour
Delivered on February 24, 1890


Hill, Anita

Anita Hill

I Could Not Keep Silent
October 11, 1991, delivered at Washington D.C.


Jordan, Barbara C.

Barbara Jordan - Speech

The Constitutional Basis for Impeachment
July 25, 1974, delivered at Washington D.C.

Who Then Will Speak for the Common Good?
July 12, 1976, delivered at New York, N.Y.


Nichols, Clarina Howard

Clarina Howard Nichols - Speech

The Responsibilities of Woman
1851, delivered at Worcester, Massachusetts


Pankhurst, Emmeline

Emmeline Pankhurst - Speech

Freedom or Death
November 13, 1913, delivered at Hartford, Connecticut


Richards, Ann

Ann Richards July 18, 1988 Keynote Address DNC Atlanta Georgia

Keynote Address to the Democratic National Convention
July 18, 1988, delivered at Atlanta, Georgia


Roosevelt, Eleanor

The Struggle for Human Rights
September 28, 1948, delivered at Paris, France


Rose, Ernestine

Ernestine Rose - Speech

The Tender Ivy Plant
October 15, 1851, delivered at Worcester, Massachusetts


Sanger, Margaret

Margaret Sanger

The Morality of Birth Control
November 18, 1921, delivered at New York, N.Y.

The Children's Era
March 30, 1925, delivered at New York, N.Y.


Shaw, Anna Howard

Anna Howard Shaw

Eulogy to Susan B. Anthony
March 15, 1906, delivered at Rochester, New York

The Fundamental Principle of a Republic
June 21, 1915, delivered at Ogdensburg, New York


Smith, Margaret Chase

Margaret Smith Chase - Declaration of Conscience 1950

Declaration of Conscience
June 1, 1950, delivered at Washington D.C.


Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Speech

Declaration of Sentiments
July 19-20, 1848, delivered at Seneca Falls, New York

Temperance and Women's Rights
June 1, 1853, delivered at Rochester, New York

The Rights of Married Women
February 20, 1854, submitted at New York, N.Y.

The Destructive Male
1868, delivered at Washington D.C.

Solitude of Self
January 18, 1892, delivered at Washington D.C.


Suu Kyi, Aung San

Aung San Suu Kyi - Speech 1995

Keynote Address at the NGO Forum on Women
August 31, 1995, delivered at Huairou, China


Teresa, Mother

Mother Teresa - Speech

Love Begins at Home
December 11, 1979, delivered at Oslo, Norway


Terrell, Mary E. Church

Mary E. Church Terrell - Speech

What It Means to be Colored in the Capital of the United States
October 10, 1906, delivered at Washington, D.C.


Thatcher, Margaret

Margaret Thatcher - Speech

Britain Awake
January 19, 1976, delivered at London, UK

The West in the World Today
December 18, 1979, delivered at New York, N.Y.

The Lady's Not for Turning
October 10, 1980, delivered at Brighton, UK

Sermon on the Mound
May 21, 1988, delivered at Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Eulogy for Ronald Reagan
June 11, 2004, delivered at Washington D.C.


Truth, Sojourner

Ain't I a Woman?
May 28, 1851, delivered in Akron, Ohio





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