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Darrow, Clarence

Clarence Darrow - Speech

The Book of Love
August 22, 1924, delivered from Chicago, Illinois

The Law of Love
May 11, 1926, delivered from Detroit, Michigan


De Gaulle, Charles

Charles de Gaulle - The Flame of French Resistance

The Flame of the French Resistance - English

The Flame of the French Resistance - French
June 18, 1940, broadcast from London, UK


Paris Liberated - English

Paris Liberated - French
August 25, 1944, delivered at Paris, France


Long Live Free Quebec! - English

Long Live Free Quebec! - French
July 24, 1967, delivered at Montreal, Canada


Debs, Eugene V.

Eugene V. Debs - Speech

Emancipation of the Working Class
June 16, 1918, delivered at Canton, Ohio

Address to the Court
September 18, 1918, delivered at Cleveland, Ohio



Demosthenes - Speech

The Third Philippic
341 BC, delivered at Athens, Greece

On the Crown
330 BC, delivered at Athens, Greece


Disraeli, Benjamin

Benjamin Disraeli - Speech

The Cause of England
May 15, 1846, delivered at London, England

Sanitas Sanitatum, Omnia Sanitas
April 3, 1872, delivered at Manchester, England


Douglass, Frederick

Frederick Douglass - Speech

The Hypocrisy of American Slavery (What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?)
July 5, 1852, delivered at Rochester, New York

An Appeal to Congress for Impartial Suffrage
January 1867, as published in the Atlantic Monthly


Edward VIII

Edward VIII - Speech

Abdication Speech
December 11, 1936, broadcast from London, UK


Edwards, Jonathan

Jonathan Edwards - Speech

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
July 8, 1741, delivered at Enfield, Connecticut


Einstein, Albert

Albert Einstein speech 1930

Wonders of Science - English

Wonders of Science - German
August 22, 1930, delivered at Berlin, Germany


Eisenhower, Dwight D.

Dwight D. Eisenhower - Speech

The Chance for Peace
April 15, 1953, delivered at Washington D.C.

Atoms for Peace
December 8, 1953, delivered at New York, N.Y.

Farewell Address
January 17, 1961, delivered at Washington D.C.


Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I - Spanish Armada Speech

Spanish Armada Speech
1588, delivered at Tilbury, Essex, England

Golden Speech
1601, delivered at London, England


Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II - Speech

Coronation Speech
June 2, 1953, delivered at London, England

Address to the U.N. General Assembly
October 21, 1957, delivered at New York, N.Y.

Address to the U.N. General Assembly
July 6, 2010, delivered at New York, N.Y.


Emmet, Robert

Robert Emmet - Speech

Speech from the Dock
September 1803, delivered at Dublin, then Great Britain


Faulkner, William

William Faulkner - Speech

When Will I Be Blown Up?
December 10, 1950, delivered at Stockholm, Sweden


Feynman, Richard P.

There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom
December 29, 1959, delivered at Pasadena, California


Fisher, Mary

Mary Fisher - A Whisper of AIDS, 1992

A Whisper of AIDS
August 19, 1992, delivered at Houston, Texas


Ford, Gerald R.

Gerald R. Ford - Nixon Pardon Speech 1974

Inaugural Address
August 9, 1974, delivered at Washington DC

The Pardon of Richard Nixon
September 8, 1974, delivered at Washington D.C.


Francis of Assisi

St Francis of Assisi - Sermon to the Birds

Sermon to the Birds
Around 1220, delivered near Bevagna, Italy


Franklin, Benjamin

Benjamin Franklin - Speech

Address to the Constitutional Convention
September 17, 1787, delivered at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Friedan, Betty

Betty Friedan - Speech

Carswell Testimony
January 27, 1970, given at Washington D.C.


Gage, Frances D.

Frances D. Gage - Speech

Address to the American Equal Rights Association
May 9-10, 1867, delivered at New York, N.Y.


Gage, Matilda Joslyn

Matilda Joslyn Gage - Speech

On the Progress of Education and Industrial Avocations for Women
Delivered in 1871

Dangers of the Hour
Delivered on February 24, 1890


Galen, Clemens von

Clemens von Galen - Speech

We Demand Justice - English

We Demand Justice - German
July 13, 1941, delivered at Munster, Germany


Become Hard! Remain Firm! - English

Become Hard! Remain Firm! - German
July 20, 1941, delivered at Munster, Germany


The Murder of Unproductive Persons - English

The Murder of Unproductive Persons - German
July 20, 1941, delivered at Munster, Germany


Gandhi, Mohandas

Benares Hindu University Speech
February 4, 1916, delivered at Benares, India

Quit India
August 8, 1942, delivered at Bombay, India


Garibaldi, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Garibaldi - Speech

I Offer Hunger and Death
July 2, 1849, delivered at Rome, Italy

To Arms, All of You! - English

To Arms, All of You! - Italian
November 8, 1860, delivered at Naples, Italy


Goebbels, Joseph

Joseph Goebbels - Speech

Proclamation to the German Nation - Opening Remarks - English

Proclamation to the German Nation - Opening Remarks - German
February 18, 1943, delivered at Berlin, Germany

Do You Want Total War? - English

Do You Want Total War? - German
February 18, 1943, delivered at Berlin, Germany


Gorbachev, Mikhail

Mikhail Gorbachev - Freedom of Choice - 1988

Freedom of Choice
December 7, 1988, delivered at New York, N.Y.

Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
(Read by Andrej Kovaljov) December 10, 1990, delivered at Oslo, Norway

Nobel Lecture
June 5, 1991, delivered at Oslo, Norway


Guevara, Che

Che Guevara speaking at the UN 1964

Homeland or Death - English

Homeland or Death - Spanish
December 11, 1964, delivered at New York City, N.Y.



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