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Famous Speeches in History
Speeches by Topic: A
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Speeches by Topic: J - O
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Speeches by Speaker: S - Z
Speeches by Date: Ancient Times-1800
Speeches by Date: 1801-1850
Speeches by Date: 1851-1900
Speeches by Date: 1901-1920
Speeches by Date: 1921-1940
Speeches by Date: 1941-1950
Speeches by Date: 1951-1960
Speeches by Date: 1961-1965
Speeches by Date: 1966-1970
Speeches by Date: 1971-1980
Speeches by Date: 1981-1990
Speeches by Date: 1991-Today
Speeches Given by Women
Speeches Given by African-Americans
Speeches Given by U.S. Presidents

9/11 Speech
A house divided
A Time for Choosing
A Time to Break Silence
A tryst with destiny
A Whisper of AIDS
Edward VIII's Abdication Speech
Abolition of the Slave Trade
Acres of Diamonds
Action Rather Than Speech
Reagan's Address on the Challenger Disaster
Address to the Constitutional Convention
Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association
Opening Keynote Address NGO Forum on Women
Address on the Release From Prison
Address to the British Parliament
Address to the American Equal Rights Association
Address to the Court
Address to the DNC
Jackson's 1984 DNC Address
Jackson's 1988 DNC Address

Obama's 2004 DNC Address

Ann Richards' Keynote Address DNC Atlanta 1988
LBJ's Address to the Nation
Address to the PAFMECA
Address to the UN General Assembly
Benedict XVI's Address to the U.N. General Assembly
Address to the UN General Assembly - Elizabeth II - 1957
Address to the UN General Assembly - Elizabeth II - 2010
Napoleon's Farewell to the Old Guard - French
Against Catiline
Against the Infidels
Ain't I a Woman?
All'Armi Tutti!
All Real Men Like to Fight
American Labor
Appeal to Congress for Impartial Suffrage
Appeal to the Nation
Appell an die Nation
Arsenal of Democracy
Atlanta Compromise
Atoms for Peace
The Ballot or the Bullet
Become Hard! Remain Firm!
Gandhi's Benares Hindu University speech
Black Man's History
Black Power
Blood and Iron
Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat
Blut und Eisen
Britain Awake
Cambodia Address

Friedan's Carswell Testimony
Civil Rights Address

Clinton's 2012 DNC Speech
FDR's Commonwealth Club Address
Havel's New Year's Speech
Climate Change Knows No Borders
Controlling the Trusts
Controlling the Trusts 2
Cooper Union Address
Coronation Speech
Crisis of Confidence
Cross of Gold
On the Cuban Missile Crisis
Reagan's D-Day Address
D-Day Prayer
Dangers of the Hour
Das Deutsche Volk

Das Deutsche Volk (Vorrede Goebbels)
Day of Affirmation Address
Day of Infamy Speech
Death Knell of Fanaticism
Declaration of Conscience
Declaration of Sentiments
Democracy and Education
Democracy and Management
Der Mord an unproduktiven Menschen
Die Juedische Frage
Dismissal of the Rump Parliament
Do you want total war?
Emancipation of the Working Class
Equal Rights for Women
Equality and Partnership
Es wird jetzt zurueckgeschossen
Eulogy to Diana, Princess of Wales
Eulogy to Susan B. Anthony
Even Presidents Have Private Lives
Every Man a King
Charles I Execution Speech
Farewell Address
Jackson's Farewell Address
George Washington's Farewell Address
Muhammad's Farewell Sermon
Napoleon's Farewell to the Old Guard - English
Festival of the Supreme Being
La Fête de l'Être Suprême
John Brown's Final Speech
Financial Innovation
Finest Hour
Flame of the French Resistance
Free at Last
Free Speech in Wartime
Free Speech in Wartime (Page 2)
Freedom at war with fear

Freedom National; Slavery Sectional

Freedom National; Slavery Sectional - Page 2
Freedom of Choice
Freedom or Death
The Unknown Australian Soldier
Gettysburg Address
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
Golden Speech
Good Neighbor Policy
Hart Werden! Fest Bleiben!
Harvard University Address - B.T. Washington
History Will Absolve Me
History Will Absolve Me - Page 2
Homeland or Death
I Am an African
I am not a crook
I am prepared to die
I have a dream
I have returned
I offer hunger and death
I've Seen the Promised Land
Ich bin ein Berliner
In Catilinam I
John Adams' Inaugural Address
First Inaugural Address Clinton
Jackson's First Inaugural Address
Jefferson's First Inaugural Address
Lincoln's First Inaugural Address
Nixon's First Inaugural Address
Reagan's First Inaugural Address
Washington's First Inaugural Address

Washington's Second Inaugural Address
Ford's Inaugural Address
FDR's Fourth Inaugural Address
Johnson's Inaugural Address
JFK's Inaugural Address
Mandela's Inaugural Address
Obama's Inaugural Address

Obama's Second Inaugural Address
Clinton's Second Inaugural Address
Second Inaugural Address Franklin D. Roosevelt
Second Inaugural Address Jackson
Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
Nixon's Second Inaugural Address
Reagan's Second Inaugural Address
Teddy Roosevelt's Inaugural Address
FDR's Third Inaugural Address
Second Inaugural Address Truman
International Morality
Ireland Unfree Shall Never Be at Peace
Iron Curtain

Jump First and Jump Far on Climate Change
Justice for Ireland
Khrushchev's Secret Speech
Flame of the French Resistance - French
La Historia Me Absolvera
La Historia Me Absolvera - Page 2
Last Lecture
Let Us Continue
Lincoln Dinner Address
Long live free Quebec
Love begins at home
F.E. Smith's Maiden Speech
On Maritime Protection - Josiah Quincy 1812

The Marshall Plan
Message to the Grass Roots
On the Death of Martin Luther King Jr
Nashe Delo Pravoe
Never Give In
No Whitewash at the White House
Gorbachev's Nobel Lecture
Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech Faulkner
Gorbachev's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
MLK's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
Mandela's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Address
Old Soldiers Never Die
Chavez On Ending Fast
On the Bank Crisis

On Sumner and the South
On the Crown
On the Crown 2
On the Media
On the Progress of Education and Industrial Avocations for Women
On the Vietnam War
On the Vietnam War - Page 2
On Women's Right to Vote
Onward and Upward
Nixon Impeachment Opening Statements
Our Cause Is Just
Our Fellow Savages
Nixon Pardon Speech
Paris Liberated
Paris Libéré
Patria o Muerte
Peace in Our Time
Pericles' Funeral Oration
Perils of Indifference
Plymouth Oration - Page 1
Plymouth Oration - Page 2
Plymouth Oration - Page 3
Politics as an Art
Sur les principes de morale politique
Proclamation to the German Nation

Proclamation to the German Nation (Opening Remarks by Goebbels)
Quarantine the Aggressor
Quit India
Eulogy for Ronald Reagan
Washington's Resignation Speech
Howe's Resignation Speech
Nixon's Resignation Speech
Returning Fire
Rivers of Blood
Sanitas Sanitatum, Omnia Sanitas
Wallace's School House Door Speech
Nixon's Second Watergate Address

Nobel Lecture Aung San Suu Kyi
Segregation Forever
Sermon on the Mound
Sermon on the Mount
Sermon to the Birds
Share the Wealth
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Social Security
Socrates' Apology by Plato 1
Socrates' Apology by Plato 2
Socrates' Apology by Xenophon
Solitude of Self
Spanish Armada Speech
Speech at Newburgh
Emmet's Speech from the Dock
Strength and Decency
The Struggle for Human Rights
The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements
Hirohito's Surrender
Chief Joseph's Surrender
Tear Down This Wall
Television and the Public Interest
Temperance and Women's Rights
Anita Hill's Testimony
The Birth of a New Nation
The Bomber Will Always Get Through
The Book of Love
The Book of Love - Page 2
The Cause of England
The Chance for Peace
The Children's Era
The Civil Rights Act: A Hoax
Seventh of March Address
The Crime Against Kansas - Page 1

The Crime Against Kansas - Page 2

The Crisis
The Destructive Male
The Duties of American Citizenship
The English Tradition
The Evil Empire
The Few
The Forgotten People
The Four Freedoms
The Fourteen Points
The Fundamental Principle of a Republic
The Great Silent Majority
The Great Society
The Hypocrisy of American Slavery
The Jewish Question
The Lady's Not for Turning
The Law of Love
The Law of Love - Page 2
The Liberation of Kuwait
The Light Has Gone Out of Our Lives
The Light on the Hill
The Man in the Arena
The Man With the Muck-Rake
The Monroe Doctrine
The Morality of Birth Control
The Murder of Unproductive Persons
The Negro as an American
The New Nationalism
The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself
The Responsibilities of Woman
The Rights of Labor
The Rights of Married Women
The Stolen Generation

The Strenuous Life

The Ten Commandments
The Tender Ivy Plant
The Third Philippic
The True Grandeur of Nations

The True Grandeur of Nations - Page 2

The Truman Doctrine
The Virtue of Terror
The War Measures Act
The West in the World Today
The White Man's Burden
There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom
Think Strawberries: Everybody Sells
To Arms, All of You!
Tribute to Hubert H. Humphrey
To the Moon in this Decade
Tribute to Robert F. Kennedy
Vive le Quebec libre
Votes for Women
Wilson's War Message
We Cannot Make Land
We Demand Justice
We Never Quarrel About Religion
We Shall Fight on the Beaches
We Shall Overcome
Weapons for Squalid and Trivial Ends
Wellesley Commencement Address - Barbara Bush
Wellesley Commencement Address - Hillary Rodham
What It Means to be Colored in the Capital of the United States
Who then will speak for the common good?
Wind of Change
Wir Fordern Gerechtigkeit
Wollt ihr den totalen krieg?
Women In War
Women Will Not Stop
Women's Rights Are Human Rights
Wonders of Science
Wunder der Wissenschaft
World Peace
Wrath of Grapes Boycott
Pope John Paul II's Holocaust Speech

Yes, We Can - Obama 2008

Steve Jobs: Find What You Love

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